Peterbilt 389 and 388

Introducing the next generation of class, the Model 389 and 388. The past, present, and the future blended seamlessly to create a truck that breaks all of the rules and sets the standard by which all others will be judged. The model 389 (131″) represent an evolution from the legendary 379 that served as the benchmark of the industry for over twenty years of production.

The trademars look has been preserved with only small refinements to improve aerodynamics and driver comfort. The most striking change is the new headlight assembly that improves night visibility over 200% while increasing bulb life by 600% and improving overall aerodynamics.

Many of the other components like the two-piece windshield, detachable fenders, and all aluminum huckbolted cab that made the 379 so economical to run remain unchanged. The end result is a truck that looks forward but remembers where it came from. The Model 389, consider the bar raised.

Model 389 and 388

  • More Aerodynamic
  • Huckbolted cab and hood reduces curb weight by up to 700 lbs.
  • 22% reduction in labor hours per year on average
  • Industry leading resale values