The HAMM HD 10 VV articulated asphalt compactor

The HD 10 VV is an articulated asphalt compactor which offers vibrations in both the front and rear drums. VV stands for “Vibration Front, Vibration Rear”, with the capability of vibration running in the front drum only, rear drum only, in both drums, or no vibration.

The HD 10 VV offers big-time compactive effort in a small package, equally at home for commercial or roadbuilding applications.

The HD 10 VV has a working width of 41.4 inches when offset, and a drum width of 39.4 inches. It has a HATZ Model 4W35, 4-cylinder, water cooled, S.A.E.-rated 30-horsepower engine. Its design provides optimal forward visibility through its tapered front end, and three-point swivel joint for highest driving comfort.

The HD 10 VV offers hydrostatic dual drum drive, automatic/manual vibration system, manual 2″ offset capability, hydrostatic articulated steering and excellent maneuverability. Its operator-friendly features include low sound level, an ergonomic driver”s platform, and modern instrument panel, and three braking systems with an emergency stop button, a plastic water tank serving a pressurized water system and plastic, hand-serviceable spray nozzles.

Operating Weight:

5,115 lbs.

Centrifugal Force:

7,425 lbs.

Working Width:

39.4-41.4 inches


HATZ Model 4W35

Rated Power:

30 hp


0-6.2 mph