Helac Corporation Expands PowerGrip Product Line

The PowerGrip Multi-Purpose Jaw Bucket offers the functionality of multiple attachments for increased attachments for increased job site efficiency and productivity.

Seattle, WA – December 11, 2007

Helac Corporation announces the expansion of their line of PowerGrip Multi-Purpose Buckets to 5-ton machines. The newest PowerGrip is compatible with excavators weighing up to 11,200 lbs. and is available in 24″” bucket width and weighs approximately 525 lbs. PowerGrip can be easily operated using the excavator”s existing auxilary hydraulic circuit. Designed as a purpose excavating bucket, PowerGrip also performs as a versatile, durable tool used as a trenching, grading or clamshell bucket, and as a grapple or hydraulic thumb. Common PowerGrip applications for 5-ton machines include: operating in close quarters when digging foundations, grabbing an I-beam and dressing out the work site, clamshelling bedding material and drainage stone, and picking and placing retaining wall blocks. “We”ve expanded the PowerGrip product line for 5-ton excavators in response to continued interest for a versatile bucket that outperforms hydraulic thumbs with its unique combination of features,” said Dean Weyer, president for Helac Corporation. “Contractors throughout North America have discovered that PowerGrip is a unique work tool that effciently completes the tasks at every step of the construction process from demolitin to finish work.” PowerGrip increases the tasks a single machine can perform, improving machine efficiency and reducing the number of machines and attachments needed on the job site. Designed to deliver immediate productivity improvement, PowerGrip is a ready-to-use, pi-on attachment that is easy to install and operate. There is no welding, fabrication or in-field measurement required to install or remove the PowerGrip bucket


PowerGrip features include:

A single bucket for multiple functions offers built-in versatility:

1) gripping with jaw

2) material handling with clam

3) finish grading with smooth lip and

4) general excavating with teeth

Standard OEM lugging ensures easy installation and removal for increased efficiency and productivity.

Enclosed rotary actuator hinge design eliminates exposed moving parts and obstructions in bucket shell or clam for increased reliability and longer life. High strength, abrasion resistant steel is used for added durability. Quick coupler compatibility makes machine or tool changes fast and easy.

Fast operation when grabbing, gripping and dumping allows for more work to get done in less time. Consistent holding force through 120 degrees of movement PowerGrip is available in three models, with 15 different bucket widths and profiles, sized according to machine weight for excavators and backhoes up to 45,000 lbs. Trenching and ditching profiles are available for select models. PowerGrip can be used in combination with Helac PowerTilt, a rugged swing attachment, for added hand-like manipulation and dexterity.


About Helac Corporation

A leader in the fluid power industry for over 30 years, Helac Corporation manufactures a comprehensive line of hydraulic rotary actuators for OEMs and after-market attachments for the construction equipment industry. Helac rotary actuators are best known for their tremendous torque output, compact dimensions, exceptional load bearing capability and rugged, relaible performance. helac PowerTilt and PowerGrip, two specialty products, increase the utilization of backhoes and excavators. Over 1,000 worldwide customers in diverse markets depend on Helac”s product line to provide quality, reliability, ease-of-use and durability.