Handy Hitch CONTOUR Packer/Roller

The Handy Hitch CONTOUR Packer/Roller is overbuilt in every way. The walking beam design allow the tires to pivot on 11 degrees of travel from front to rear, this ensures 100% road compaction. The heavy-duty box tube frame can utilize thousands of pounds of the grader”s weight with the use of the ripper/lift assembly down pressure to evenly pack the road surface. Because the CONTOUR attaches to the grader as a “tow behind”, it eliminates the need for another machine and operator. This quickly amounts to huge savings in the maintenance of another machine and savings in operator costs. Our 90″,105″& 120″ Contour Packer/Roller has the walking beams fixed to two Contour saddles which allow it to have 4 degrees of pivot side to side, this allows the compactor to form to the “crown” of the road ensuring four-way, 100% compaction. Our heavy-duty Quick Attach Lift Assembly allows the operator to easily and quickly connect to the compactor, saving time and money. Our 24″ Offset option allows the operator to shift the Packer/Roller to the left or right for safe compaction of road shoulders. Each Packer/Roller unit comes with a hydraulic accumulator which allows the operator to have precise control of down pressure and with the pressure relief valve, allows the Packer/Roller to have some “give” in the event of a sudden impact.