ClearSpan™ Hercules Truss Arch Buildings are Ideal for Salt and Sand Storage

tekDyersville, IA—June 2009—Warm weather is here, and now is a great time to build an efficient storage area for wintertime road salt and sand. When George Holzapfel, the Director of Public Works in the Township of Wayne, NJ, needed to improve the town’s salt storage area to comply with a state mandate, he chose a ClearSpan Truss Arch fabric structure.

“An overriding factor was the foundation requirements,” Holzapfel said. A traditional structure would have required the Department to use deep spread footings or piles for support, which would have substantially increased costs. Holzapfel found that the minimal foundation requirements of a ClearSpan fabric structure eliminated the high cost of foundations and excavations, and allowed the building to be built directly on the ground.

After the first season with the new ClearSpan salt and sand storage building, Holzapfel said, “It is well received. Material stored is safe from the elements, and access for trucks and equipment is excellent.”