PC 150 Extruder

150-3-(2)The flexible Power Curber PC-150 extrudes curb up to 12” (30cm) high x 12” (30cm) wide at a speed of up to 18’ (5.5m) per minute on either the right or left side.  A continous, one-pass operation, the PC-150 can turn a smooth radius as tight as 2’ (60cm).  Curb can be placed within 1” (2.5cm) of obstructions with the offset mounted mold and extrusion auger.

Wheel adjust vertically to help provide full compaction of the mold, and horizontally to move the wheels off the prepared surface for applying a tack coat or for feeding steel rebar.  The fore carriage steering assembly enhances performance and efficiency.  A steering “T” handle assures easy guidance in the left or right position.  The PC-150 can be fed from a wheelbarrow or concrete truck.  Electric jacks for post lifting is an option.