0609_NRP_Snow_SearsEco2DfElROME, NY — Rome, NY-based Sears Ecological Applications Company (SEACO) recently received the coveted Design for the Environment (DfE) recognition from the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its Ice B’Gone line of high-performance liquid de-icing products.

            Now recognized as an EPA partner for safer chemistry, SEACO is the only roadway de-icer manufacturer and supplier in the U.S. to receive this designation. The DfE designation focuses on industries that combine the potential for risk reduction and improvements in energy efficiency with a strong motivation to make lasting and positive changes in the environment.

            The EPA recognizes products that are considered to be safer for the environment and authorizes them to carry the DfE emblem. This mark allows consumers to quickly identify and choose products that can help protect the environment and that are safer for humans, wildlife and habitats.

            “We applaud SEACO for its leadership in developing an environmentally-oriented set of de-icers,” said Clive Davies, Chief of the DfE program for the EPA.  “They are to be commended for their commitment to improving the environmental profile and performance of their products and for leading change in the de-icing industry.”

SEACO uses only organic, agriculture-based ingredients in its products, which are then blended with chloride salts and applied to ice and snow-covered roadways.  These patented de-icing products are considered environmentally gentle because they are biodegradable and contribute to a 30% reduction in salt use as well as a 70% reduction in corrosion to bridges, roadway surfaces, equipment and vehicles.

            The major reduction in salt usage is attributable to the fact that, because of the chemistry between the salt and the addition of SEACO’s patented formulation of low molecular weight carbohydrates, or sugars, the blended product works much longer and to significantly lower temperatures.  Since considerably less chloride salt is needed and applied, less of it eventually finds its way into watersheds and runoff, thereby improving water and environmental quality.

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            The Design for the Environment recognition process begins with information that scientists already know about each product’s ingredients and how these ingredients affect living elements and ecosystems.  Where that information doesn’t tell the full story, the EPA examines an ingredient’s chemical structure – specifically its components and shape – to understand how it can potentially impact the environment and those that exist within it.

            The DfE program works with nearly 20 industrial sectors to empower business and industry to incorporate environmental, performance and cost considerations into their decision-making processes.  The program recognizes the use of cleaner and more efficient technologies in order to promote environmental protection.

            “SEACO is indeed proud to earn this recognition and pleased to work with the EPA to offer superior products that are now recognized as more acceptable for the environment,” said David Wood, SEACO’s president.  “As responsible corporate citizens, we’re committed to the support of global green initiatives. Earning this designation distinguishes us in the de-icing industry and is consistent with our organizational mission and vision to act as stewards of the environment when developing products and technologies.” 

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