The PCx-1000 – A breakthrough hands free full duplex transceiver from Eartec

Eartec_PCx_RadioThe Eartec Company has introduced the PCx-1000, a double channel, multi station, full duplex wireless that allows up to six people to communicate simultaneously within a quarter mile range. These revolutionary radios are not voice activated so there is no delay when transmitting. To operate just turn the units “ON” and talk through the headsets just like on a regular telephone. The System is an invaluable tool for industrial jobsites where personnel need to work with their hands and communicate at the same time.  An unlimited number of push-to-talk stations may also be added.

PCx radios are engineered with a unique frequency hopping architecture known as Spread Spectrum. In a spread spectrum format all radios in a group occupy a specific frequency for a fraction of a second so that transmissions cannot be interrupted by any other wireless system. There is no base station or FCC license required.