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Infrared heaters from Ray-Tech Corp. can be used to repair potholes, create decorative asphalt imprinting, repair utility cuts in roads, fix birdbath depressions, repair trenches, keyholes, runways, bridge decks, road drainage and many other types of work. Infrared rays have the ability to penetrate an object, which allows deep penetrating asphalt repair and reclaiming without causing damage to the material being reclaimed or to the road that is being heated.

VogeleSuper 1800-2 Spray Jet paver from Vögele America, Inc. can be used to place both open-graded rubberized and Novachip thin wearing courses. With SprayJet module mounted, conventional hot-mix asphalt pavements can be placed. The system that sprays polymer-modified binder in front of the mix being laid, followed immediately by aggregate, and then a second spray of rubberized binder. An extra emulsion tank — accommodated in the paver’s material hopper — that holds 1,320 gallons is now available for contracts requiring very large rates of spread, so a total of 1,849 gallons of asphalt emulsion can be carried on board the paver.

Temperature and material segregation are major contributors to uneven density and end-of-load segregation and their associated flaws, such as potholes, but remixing in the Shuttle Buggy MTV from Roadtec is said to be an effective method of eliminating temperature and material segregation in the mix just before it is loaded into the paver. According to WAASHTO study T9903, a temperature differential of 7 degrees Celsius or less, assures the possibility of even compaction to specified density; numerous infrared tests made in real-life working conditions have shown that the Shuttle Buggy MTV is able to consistently deliver mix with a temperature differential of 7 degrees Celsius or less.

Cutler Paving, Inc. recycles existing asphalt pavements in a single pass, utilizing its own hot in-place recycling equipment that applies the virgin-wearing course over the recycled layer. The machine applies heat to soften the existing pavement, scarifies the softened pavement and applies a recycling agent to the scarified, reclaimed material to improve viscosity. It then places the recycled material as a leveling course before applying the new overlay simultaneously, in a single pass. This means no delay between the time the pavement is recycled and the time a riding surface is placed, resulting in a safer work zone for road users and contractor personnel.

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KennemetalRoad-Ready road milling drums from Kennametal feature Pro-Fit and Quick-Change block systems that are balanced to reduce machine vibration with end rings that reduce wear and provide a straight cut. Every drum issued with ID plate, serial number, and certificate of authenticity that the owner to a Kennametal drum warranty, set of premium start-up tools and a complete maintenance tool kit. Five different types of drums are available: Standard milling, reclamation/stabilization, profile milling, micro milling, and specialty drums.

Cimline’s Metro Series melter applicators come in 165-, 275- and 425-gallon capacities and feature a new hose carrier to reduce operator fatigue. The three-section articulated boom keeps the hose low for better visibility while providing added support. The articulated boom is available for single- or dual-hose models. Metro’s Fume Guard uses an ignition system to burn off excess fumes generated from heating the sealant to optimum temperature. A propane burner is positioned in the kettle’s vent and sensors prevent gas from flowing to the burner if it is not fired.

Bergkamp Inc. offers the M2 series of slurry seal and micro surfacing pavers. The truck-mounted M2 series consists of the M206 – which can carry 6 cubic yards of aggregate and 300 gallons of asphalt emulsion and water; and the M210 – which can carry 10 cubic yards of aggregate and 600 gallons of asphalt emulsion and water. Both models feature a 55-gallon stainless steel additive tank and onboard 100 horsepower Cummins diesel engine. The pugmill, conveyor and all liquid material tanks are removable. All tanks are bolted in rather than welded, which adds extra durability and easy maintenance, according to Bergkamp. The asphalt emulsion and water tanks are separate components, eliminating rust-through and contamination of products.

The BM 2000/50 and BM 2000/60 cold planer milling machines from Bomag offer a 79-inch cutting width to remove a half lane of road surface in one pass. Both planers are powered by EPA Tier III compliant Deutz water-cooled diesel engines. The BM 2000/50 features a 469-horsepower engine that delivers a horsepower-per-cutting-tooth ratio of 2.8 and maximum working speed of 112 feet per minute (fpm). The 590-horsepower engine on the BM 2000/60 provides a horsepower-per-cutting-tooth ratio of 3.5 with a maximum working speed of 98 fpm. Both models are capable of milling depths up to 12.6 inches. Each machine comes standard with four-track steering. For optimal consistency while working over changing grades and slopes, the milling depth can be controlled using the INTEL-PLANER automatic depth control system.

The AP600D Asphalt Paver from Caterpillar has an 8-foot standard paving width and features an EPA Tier 3 compliant, high-powered engine with a heavy-duty, front-mounted cooling system, dual operation stations with the Advisor Monitoring System (AMS) and a material handling system with independent auger and conveyor controls. The paver’s tractor weight is 31,299 pounds and has a rubber tire undercarriage. The AP655D paver, a sister model, can be equipped with the Cat Mobil-Trac system or a steel track undercarriage. Other pavement preservation equipment from Cat to help you with your pavemnt job include the following: CB22, CB24, CB32, CC24 Utility Asphalt Compactors; CB54, CB54 XW and CB64 Vibratory Asphalt Compactors; the PM200 Cold Planer, and RM500 Reclaimer/Stabilizer. The CV16B (66-inch drum width) and CV18B (73-inch drum width) vibratory compactors with a vibratory pod design provide a balance between frequency and amplitude to provide an excellent mat finish.