BOMAG Cold Planer

The BM 2000/50 and BM 2000/60 cold planer milling machines from Bomag offer a 79-inch cutting width to remove a half lane of road surface in one pass. Both planers are powered by EPA Tier III compliant Deutz water-cooled diesel engines. The BM 2000/50 features a 469-horsepower engine that delivers a horsepower-per-cutting-tooth ratio of 2.8 and maximum working speed of 112 feet per minute (fpm). The 590-horsepower engine on the BM 2000/60 provides a horsepower-per-cutting-tooth ratio of 3.5 with a maximum working speed of 98 fpm. Both models are capable of milling depths up to 12.6 inches.
Each machine comes standard with four-track steering. For optimal consistency while working over changing grades and slopes, the milling depth can be controlled using the INTEL-PLANER automatic depth control system.