Trimble’s Construction Asset Management Solutions

The Trimble Construction Manager is a complete, scalable solution for managing practically all types of assets typically found on a construction site, including mobile, portable and personnel assets.

Centralize and simplify management of onsite operations

  • Easily manage all on-site assets from one software
  • Improve your understanding of onsite operations.
  • Effortlessly locate and navigate to onsite assets.

Improve asset productivity

  • Improve cycle times by identifying and eliminating workflow inefficiencies.
  • Get the critical data you need to maximize your assets and to make more informed decisions.
  • Reduce overtime and improve employee productivity.

 Manage asset usage

  • Help allocate resources effectively.
  • Know when the asset is in use so you can verify for accurate billing.
  • Reduce equipment rental.
  • Automate recording of mileage per vehicle per state for road state tax reporting.

Improve safety

  • Monitor and document asset usage and driving safety, such as speeding, as well as worker compliance.
  • Archive data on asset location at a particular time for future reference if needed
  • Receive notification when an asset enters a hazardous site.

Reduce maintenance and fuel costs

  • Get timely and accurate information with automated reports of engine hours and mileage.
  • Better utilize service technicians to schedule maintenance at the right time.
  • Easily identify the location of the asset when technician arrives on site.
  • Identify periods of time when engine is on, but the asset is not moving, reducing unnecessary fuel usage.

Assist with theft recovery

  • Know where your assets are all the time – no activation required.
  • Assist law enforcement with asset recovery.
  • Reduce insurance costs.

Learn more about Trimble Construction Manager:

Managing Mobile assets (such as trucks) – Measures asset utilization and productivity in real-time.

Managing Portable assets (such as skid steers and compressors) – Provides the location of an asset periodically for asset utilization, and to assist with theft recovery.

Managing Personnel assets (such as site managers) – Enables site managers to locate other assets from their phone, and perform site reconnaissance activities using GPS enabled cell phones on the Nextel digital wireless network.

Trimble Construction Manager Software– Centralizes management of mobile, portable and personnel assets in one easy to use software.

Trimble Construction Manager – How it works– Discover the components that make Trimble Construction Manager such a powerful asset management solution for your business.