Fecon introduces Optional Variable Speed Motors for Bull Hog® Mulchers

Lebanon, OH (February 12, 2009). Fecon™s proven Bull Hog® Mulchers are now available with a Variable Speed Motor Option. The new Variable Speed Motor Option allows the mulcher to adjust rotor speed and torque to improve recovery time and productivity.

The Variable Speed Motor will achieve higher rotor speed and more bites per second when mulching in smaller diameter material with less resistance. When working in larger diameter material with heavier resistance, the motor will shift to a larger displacement for greater torque to enable longer staying power at the rotor. 

Fecon engineering has performed extensive field testing in conjunction with motor suppliers to define optimal motor shift points as well as a reliable installation for the application.

The Bull Hog™s® Variable Speed Motor Option defines optimal motor shift points to maximize mulching productivity. 

Fecon™s Bull Hogs® are the mulcher of choice for Land Clearing, Site Prep, Firebreaks, Park Trails, Right of Ways, Invasive Species Removal and Wildlife Habitat Restoration.