Cellular hour meter

K E Y T R O L L E R ™ s new CYBERWATCH device is a cellular GPS/GSM asset tracker and wireless hour meter that is designed to be affordable (both in the device cost and monthly communication cost). The device is simple to install with connection to vehicle power and the ignition system to establish time on (hour meter) usage data.

CYBERWATCH transmits its GPS position and hour meter data automatically once (per day or week) to a password protected website that is accessed by the dealer or user. From this data, the dealer can determine the exact position of its mobile asset and with hour meter information determine when that vehicle should be scheduled for maintenance.

CYBERWATCH has a magnetic switch that a mechanic “swipes” to create a “maintenance complete” event that is sent immediately. This event adds a accountability to the mechanic and automatically resets the maintenance due graph on the website. Graphic interface easily show mechanic dispatcher which forklifts are due, past due and not due for maintenance. The device also includes a built-in “Geo Fence” anti theft feature, which is programmed to trigger an alarm report when vehicle motion is sensed.

Easy Justification:

  • Insures timely and intuitive service scheduling by dealers

  • No more wasted trips to do maintenance

  • Accurate position of vehicle for pickup (Viewed by Google Earth or Google Maps)

  • Great for short/long term “pay by the hour” leased fleets

  • Allow dealers to bill more accurately for actual usage and confirmed overtime

  • No more wasted time getting hour meter readings

  • Monitor customer usage trends and review of lease agreements

  • Makes dealer”s TM +R lease proposal look much more accurate and professional

  • Optional relay prevents (starting) of vehicle when enables by dealer/user

CYBERWATCH is easily connected to any diesel, gas, LPG or electric forklift, construction equipment, compressor, pump or generators.

Available from equipment dealers nationwide and Canada.