New 14-ton Doosan DX140LCR crawler excavator features reduced tail swing for work on roadways and in tight quarters

Dx140 Lcr 001Reduced tail swing on the new Doosan DX140LCR crawler excavator makes it ideal for working on roadways, railroad rights of way and in other tight quarters.

The tail swing radius on the 14-ton DX140LCR is just 4 feet 10 inches, which allows it to work on congested jobsites such as streets, highways and rail lines without blocking traffic in adjacent lanes or tracks. Reduced tail swing also minimizes the potential for damage when working close to buildings or walls.

At the same time, the 12-foot-4-inch track length on the DX140LCR provides exceptional stability for digging and lifting operations. An optional dozer blade increases the machine’s outstanding lifting capacity even further.

The DX140LCR is powered by a best-in-class 99 horsepower, Tier 3 compliant Cummins diesel engine. It has an operating weight of 32,408 pounds with standard boom, arm and 0.51 cubic yard bucket.

Bucket breakout force is a class-leading 23,149 pounds with the standard 9-foot-10-inch arm. Arm breakout force is 12,566 pounds. Lifting capacity over front at a 15-foot radius is 11,140 pounds and drawbar pull is 27,558 pounds.

The DX140LCR also leads its weight class with a maximum digging depth of 19 feet 8 inches. Maximum digging reach at ground level is 28 feet and dump height is 23 feet 2 inches. Maximum travel speed is 3.1 mph in high range while swing speed is 10.8 rpm.

Like all mid-size and heavy Doosan excavators, the DX140LCR has a standard auto idle feature, which reduces fuel consumption and noise and creates a more comfortable environment. The auto idle feature, which can be enabled at the operator’s discretion, automatically causes the engine to drop to idle if the excavator functions are not used for a period of about four seconds. The engine automatically returns to the pre-set throttle position when the operator moves a joystick or a travel function.

The hydraulic system features two variable displacement axial piston pumps with a combined flow of 60.2 gpm. The boom and dipper arm cylinders are cushioned to provide smooth end-of- stroke operation.    

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The spacious, comfortable cab on the DX140LCR features ergonomic controls and instrumentation. To reduce operator fatigue and make it easier to communicate with workers on the ground, the DX140LCR features a low sound level of 72 dB(A) in the cab and 101 dB(A) for bystanders.

Depending on the application, the operator can choose between three working modes — power, standard or economy. Power mode uses 100 percent of available engine and hydraulic horsepower for heavy work and fast cycle times. Standard mode utilizes 85 percent of engine and hydraulic horsepower for general work and normal speed. Economy mode minimizes fuel consumption without any loss of performance.

Engine service intervals are 500 hours and the DX140LCR also shares the extended lubrication intervals of the entire Doosan excavator range. The water trap and engine oil filter are both located in the hydraulic pump bay for easy access from the ground level.

The DX140LCR — like every Doosan machine — is covered by an innovative 48-hour parts guarantee. The program guarantees that if a “machine-debilitating” part is needed, Doosan will deliver this part to the end user within two business days or Doosan will pay for a replacement machine rental.

In addition, Doosan is now offering new financing and leasing options through Doosan Global Finance.


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