Increased torque, horsepower boost performance on new high flow Bobcat planer attachments

Planer Attachment 1New Bobcat 18- and 24-inch wide planer attachments offer increased torque and horsepower for improved performance compared with the models they replace. The new planers are compatible with all current high flow Bobcat loaders, including the new S850 skid-steer and T870 compact track loaders.

The cutting drums on Bobcat planers can be unlocked to allow oscillation up to 15 degrees in either direction. As a result, surface tracking is optimized even when the loader is operating on a rutted or potholed surface. This feature is unique to Bobcat planers and provides continuous cutting depth without constant operator input. 

New on the 18- and 24-inch planers is increased down force to help keep the drum in the cut during operation. In addition, units have been redesigned so that the left ski is now visible to the operator. This allows the planer to be kept closer to the center of the carrier, which makes it easier to control the path of the machine.

The back frame is now stronger and more durable in order to handle higher-horsepower carriers. At the same time, the rear opening has been enlarged so that more material passes through without being re-milled, resulting in increased productivity.

Hydraulic side shift on both planer models has been increased from 26 to 29.8 inches so that they can be used on the larger S850 and T870 loaders. Side shifting permits milling outside the width of the carrier so it is possible to work close to walls and curbs.  The right ski and end plate may be removed for milling flush against walls with no further clean-up work required.

Cab-controlled hydraulic cylinders raise and lower the independently adjustable skis. Cutting depth can be adjusted from 0 to 6 inches.

Depth and oscillation gauges allow the operator to confirm the correct cutting depth and angle of the planer without having to move from the seat. Special side cutting bits reduce binding and provide a vertical edge for improved joint bonding between new and existing asphalt.

Replaceable ski wear pads provide consistent depth control by penetrating through debris in the path of travel. In addition, steel wheels on the rear frame provide solid support and reduce tire bounce while planing.

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A priority valve diverts hydraulic oil flow to depth functions without causing a loss of power to the planer drum, allowing the operator to make adjustments on-the-go without affecting performance.  A top access panel saves time by permitting the operator to inspect or replace cutting bits without raising the planer from the surface or removing the drum.

The 18- and 24-inch planers may be equipped with smooth or fast cut all-purpose drums or with smaller all-purpose or slot cut drums. Drums are easily changed by removing the right side ski and access panel, much like removing the wheel on a vehicle. Carbide cutting bits are secured with expansion rings instead of C-clips for fast and easy replacement.

Field installed accessories include a guide rod kit to help the operator follow a previous cut or line; a planer wheel kit (in lieu of skis); and a water and nozzle kit for dust control.

A 14-inch cutting width planer is available for Bobcat loaders with standard flow hydraulics. It features manual depth control from 0 to 6 inches, 29.8-inch hydraulic side-shift and an all-purpose drum. It may also be equipped with additional drums of varying widths. Drums are easily changed by removing the right side ski and access panel.

A 40-inch high flow planer is also available. It features hydraulic depth adjustment from 0 to 5 inches. Skis are independently adjustable and the depth gauge and oscillation gauge are visible from the operator’s seat. A diverter valve allows the operator to switch from hydraulic side-shift to hydraulic oscillation. Oscillation is +/- 8 degrees.

Owners and operators who wish to monitor operating hours and maintenance intervals on their 18-, 24- and 40-inch planers may do so using the new deluxe instrument panel available on Bobcat M-Series loaders. The deluxe instrument panel will track cumulative operating hours and also offers two resettable clocks that can be used to monitor items like time on the job, cutting bit life or hours between drive motor oil maintenance.

A Bobcat loader and planer attachment are ideal for milling potholes, alligator cracks and frost heaves; creating cuts for recessed lane markers; milling around manholes; matching uneven pavement surfaces; cutting drainage in parking lots; and tapering the edges of roadways.  They are also ideal for cleaning up around larger milling machines and working in places where size and weight do not allow dedicated planers to work, such as on bridges and walkways.

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QuickLook: Planer attachments

  • 18-, 24- and 40-inch cutting width planers for loaders with high-flow hydraulics.
  • 14-inch cutting width planer for loaders with standard flow hydraulics.
  • Manual or hydraulic depth control from 0 to 6 inches (0 to 5 inches on 40-inch planer).
  • Bits retained by expansion rings for fast and easy changing.
  • 14-, 18- and 24-inch planers feature flush wall planing capability, replaceable ski wear pads, and standard rear frame wheels.
  • Side cutting bits reduce binding and provide vertical edge for improving joint bond between new and existing asphalt layers.
  • Drum may be unlocked for oscillation up to +/- 15 degrees (hydraulic oscillation up to +/- 8 degrees on 40-inch model).