AEM: Midyear U.S. construction machinery exports up 15 percent compared to 2009

Exports of U.S.-made construction equipment increased in the second quarter of 2010, and total construction machinery exports at midyear were $7.4 billion, a 15-percent gain overall compared to January-June 2009 numbers, according to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM).

The AEM off-road equipment manufacturing trade group consolidates U.S. Commerce Dept. data with other sources into global trend reports for members.

“These numbers are encouraging, especially after the double-digit declines of last year. With U.S. markets still sluggish, they underscore the importance of global trade to the construction equipment industry,” stated Al Cervero, AEM senior vice president. “Export business helps U.S. manufacturers keep their doors open, and Congress can help create more jobs by passing free trade agreements still pending with Colombia, Panama and Korea. We also need to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure to get products to market more efficiently; here, too, Congress can help by timely passage of a long-term, adequately funded “highway bill.” These two actions would result in more sustainable jobs and business growth than any short-term stimulus package.”

Exports to Central and South America each gained 14 percent compared to midyear 2009 – $753 million for Central America and $1.4 billion for South America. Asia’s export purchases increased 5 percent to $984 million.

European growth was flat with exports totaling $777 million, about the same as January-June 2009, and exports to Africa declined 20 percent to $423 million.

Australia/Oceania took delivery of 37 percent more American-made construction machinery for a total $679 million, and exports to Canada increased 32 percent and totaled $2.4 billion.

The top destinations for U.S. construction machinery exports January-June 2010 were the following: (1) Canada – $2.4 billion, up 32 percent; (2) Australia – $625 million, up 32 percent; (3) Mexico – $549 million, up 8 percent; (4) Chile – $462 million, up 9 percent; (5) Brazil – $376 million, up 74 percent; (6) China – $242 million, up 15 percent; (7) Colombia – $189 million, up 13 percent; (8) South Africa – $173 million, down 25 percent; (9) Peru – $168 million, down 5 percent; (10) Belgium – $153 million, down 31 percent.