sirocco-2Airstar is launching the first in a series of energy saving lights…Sirocco 2 4X150 HI.  This new generation of technology has allowed Airstar to create a metal halide unit that is portable, lightweight, and powerful.

 The lamps are more durable, efficient, and have 12,000 hours life, allowing the same illumination as the Sirocco 2000W halogen version,  using 3 times less power. This unit can be operate with a 1K generator, less than 6 amps.

Sirocco 2 4X150 HI has four lamp running independently with their own ballast that  is built into the system, eliminating the additional heavy  ballast.  It also is equipped with  an anti-vibration system so it can be mounted to moving equipment.

The tubular shaped envelope increases the spread of light  and this new fabric is stronger.

Production will start in January at the Orlando facility.