ATSSA: Take action on U.S. DOT’s proposal to eliminate retroreflective sign replacement deadlines

American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) members are being encouraged to comment on the Federal Docket regarding the U.S. DOT’s proposal to eliminate deadlines for replacement of signs that do not meet national standards for minimum levels of retroreflectivity as well as 44 other compliance dates in the MUTCD. Many states and localities have argued that these compliance deadlines are expensive and unnecessary. The changes are outlined in a notice of proposed amendments to the MUTCD in the Aug. 31 Federal Register.

“Adhering to these deadlines is critical to preserve and maintain safety on our nation’s roadways,” said ATSSA President and CEO Roger Wentz on the organization’s website. “Once roadway signs fall below safe minimum levels of retroreflectivity, it becomes a safety issue. I encourage all ATSSA members and stakeholders in the roadway safety industry to submit their comments to the docket opposing any elimination or excessive extension of the deadlines,” Wentz said. The deadline for all comments is Oct. 31.

Every voice counts on this very important roadway safety industry issue. Please submit your comments to the docket today.  To post a comment to the docket click here.

To view FHWA Docket 20010-0159-0001, Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) Compliance Dates click here.