Tower to Air Congress: Land that thing!

Okay so the President today calls on Congress to extend the surface transportation authorization before the current extension runs out September 30th. He is supported by nearly all the major stakeholders. Even Republican House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee chairman John Mica who grudgingly said one more extensions (it will be the 8th) would be okay with him.

If Congress will do this, say they all, Congress can get to work on a completely new bill full of reforms and enough money to do good work.

It a little like a plane circling an airport, beginning the landing run, then deciding against it and going around again. And again.  A plane that is circling is not the same as one coming in to land. Once fully committed to landing everything happening on the plane changes. Until it does you can’t land. And once it does all you can do is land. So at some point there is a Rubicon in the air, a point, once passed, when landing is all that can happen. Until we reach that point in Congress there is no reason to believe Air Congress will not to go around again