Atlas Copco Cobra Pro gas-powered drill/breaker

Cobra ProThe Atlas Copco Cobra Pro Drill/Breaker is designed to be an efficient, gas-powered tool that digs fencepost holes, cuts asphalt, drives tent stakes, and even tamps ground. Cobra Pro is designed for medium to heavy demolition of material such as concrete and asphalt. The Cobra Pro meets the stricter requirements of exhaust emission set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for smaller non-road engines.

The Cobra Pro breaker delivers 44 foot-pounds of impact energy at its tool tip, which is said to be almost twice the impact energy of other gas-driven breakers on the market. The tool is engineered to provide a combination of high percussive energy and high blow frequency.

The drill/breaker is self-contained tool and has no compressor or hoses. Redesigned and improved tank cap is designed for better regulation of tank pressure. The hand tool features a redesigned and trimmed silencer with catalytic element and an improved heat shield

The Atlas Copco Cobra Pro Drill/Breaker is designed to be a multi-purpose tool for drilling, splitting, breaking, cutting, and tamping.