PTH crusher – The Future in Mobile Rock Crushing

The new PTH rock crusher was built for the most demanding conditions in gravel road maintenance and many other applications. By crushing the rocks on the job site in-place it produces durable gravel roads and sustainable surfaces.

Crushing rock in place is a fast, environmentally friendly and cost saving way to maintain gravel roads. In most applications it has proven to be more economical than the hauling-in of pre-crushed material from stationary crushers.

The PTH crusher is designed, engineered and manufactured in Europe and fully utilizes experience from 20 years of contractor’s work of mobile rock crushing. The extremely sturdy design allows for continuous operation under the most severe operational demands.

Driven by the power take-off of a high horse power tractor and dual side V-belts the rotor revolves with up to 1000 rpm milling the ground to a depth of 15”. The rocks are crushed to the intended grain size between extremely rugged carbide-tipped teeth and hydraulically adjustable wear resistant counterblow bars. Options include carbide tipped counterblow bars and tool holders as well as additional crushing stages.

Here is one of the main advantages that is available on all four different crusher models: all wear parts are bolted on and can be easily replaced without any cutting and welding thus increasing the operating time significantly.

The PTH crusher has been successfully used in a wide variety of applications: from land cultivation to road construction, crushing of concrete, ski slope preparation, and many others.

On the CONEXPO 2011 PTH USA presents the first front mounted PTH rock crushing unit with hydraulic drive. This powerful attachment can be installed on prime movers such as skid steers and other equipment with hydraulic power output.

All parts are stocked at the PTH USA warehouse in Buford, GA. Demos can be scheduled on short notice.

The new PTH 2500HD can be experienced on the CONEXPO 2011 in Las Vegas, PTH USA booth 882 (Silver Lot 3)

Contact: Nils Wagner, Phone: 678-765-7930; Email: [email protected]

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