Schulte FM-300 Front Mount Hitch Frame

The Schulte FM-300 is a rugged, versatile, quick attach frame and drive for 3pt Snow Blowers.  This unit provides you the ability to mount your 3pt snow blower on the front of your tractor instead of on the tractor’s rear 3pt hitch.  The FM-300 offers you better visibility and ergonomics when coupled with a Schulte Snow Blower, as well as an increased selection of travel speeds.  The Schulte FM-300 is designed for simple and quick tractor mounting and removal. A high degree of adjustability allows the frame to accommodate different sizes of tractor tires while still maintaining the best possible ground clearance.  Telescoping frame sections and telescoping drive line components allow the FM-300 to fit tractors between 151 and 211” long and is a perfect match for Schulte model SDX or RDX snow blowers.  The drive line is capable of transferring 250 HP to the snow blower.  Parallel shaft gearboxes are available to power either 540 RPM snow blowers or 1000 RPM snow blowers. The drive line is fully shielded to meet the latest safety standards.  For more information on the FM-300 or any other Schulte product, call 1 (800) 404-6044 or visit us online at:  Schulte Industries, Box 70 Englefeld, SK  S0K 1N0.