AASHTO’s ‘Materials’ book for sampling, testing has 52 revised, 6 new specs

Aashto MaterialsThe Association of American Safety and Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO)’s 32nd Edition of the Standard Specifications for Transportation Materials and Methods of Sampling and Testing, also known as the Materials Book, contains 52 revised and six new specifications and test methods.

The book also has 394 materials specifications and test methods commonly used in the construction of highway facilities. The specifications have been developed and maintained by transportation departments through participation in AASHTO’s Subcommittee on Materials. The book edition is organized in two volumes, Materials and Testing, and each volume has consists of two books. Also included is the single-volume AASHTO Provisional Standards, 2012 edition, which contains eight revised and 14 new provisional standards. To access the publication, go to https://store.transportation.org/.