Hitachi’s largest rigid dump truck combines hauler technology with Advanced IGBT AC-Drive system


Hitachi EH5000AC3 rigid dump truckHitachi EH5000AC3 rigid dump truck

Hitachi Construction Machinery‘s EH5000AC-3 rigid dump truck is powered by a Cummins QSKTTA60-CE diesel engine and meets U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Tier 2 emission requirements.

Target Gross Machine Operating Weight (TGMOW) is 1,102,311 pounds and net machine weight is 449,743 pounds.

The rigid dump truck, Hitachi’s largest, features the Advanced Hitachi AC Drive System for mining operations; the third-generation Hitachi Drive Control System with slip control for traction and slide control for grip; a pitching prevention for a smooth ride; a Slip Angle Control for stable cornering; an advanced braking system; and a Hitachi system monitor with onboard systems and controls information.