J.W. Speaker unveils the “XL” line of heavy-duty LED worklights

Xl Line PhotoGermantown, WI– J.W. Speaker officially unveiled the latest addition to its extensive line of LED lights today. Dubbed the “XL” line, this new family of heavy duty LED products was developed specifically for extreme industrial conditions. Each lamp is fully sealed and complies with IP69K standards for high pressure washing and other harsh environmental factors.

“J.W. Speaker’s LED worklights and strobes have long been a favorite among heavy duty equipment operators, but applications utilizing power washers for cleaning their equipment required a higher level of ingress protection. This need was the primary driver behind the development of the XL Line,” said Gary Durian, Director of Engineering for J.W. Speaker. All of the XL products feature a distinctive, bright yellow die-cast housing and fully sealed connections – making them perfect for applications where water, mud, and sludge are present. According to Ryan Mayrand, Product Marketing for J.W. Speaker, “The fact that these products are LED means they’re more resistant to shock & vibration, use significantly less power, and last up to 50 times longer than bulb-based lights. All of this equates to longer service life, higher reliability, and lower operational costs for our end users. We even offer a 4-year limited warranty on all of the XL products.”

The XL Line includes heavier duty versions of many top sellers, including:

  • ·         Model 523 LED scene light
  • ·         Model 601 LED strobe light
  • ·         Model 735 LED worklight
  • ·         Model 832 LED worklight
  • ·         Model 4410 LED worklight
  • ·         Model 7150 LED worklight

To learn more about the XL Line and access full specifications on each of the products, please visit http://www.jwspeaker.com/other/the-xl-line