Mobility kit converts alarm into free-standing protection unit

TranspoThe Sono Blaster R Intrusion alarm from Transpo Industries mounts on typical work zone barricades, cones, drums, delineators, A-frames and other barriers. The impact-activated safety device helps prevent crashes in work zones by warning work crews and errant drivers simultaneously. The SonoBlaster Mobility Kit, an add-on accessory for the SonoBlaster that converts it into a free-standing protection unit, allows the intrusion alarm to be used independent of cones, barrels or barricades. It can be attached to the SonoBlaster in minutes, according to Transpo. A 2010 recipient of Better Roads Top RollOuts award, the SonoBlaster’s built-in CO2 powered horn, upon impact, blasts at 125 dB signaling workers that the protective zone has been violated, giving them critical reaction time to move out of harm’s way.