Pt100 G Forestry Loftness MulSouthaven, Miss.Specifically tuned for use with the Terex® PT-100G Forestry compact track loader, the new Terex G-Series mulcher attachment is ideal for right-of-way work and vegetation management applications, such as clearing brush, mowing grass and weeds, as well as cutting down and mulching trees up to 8 inches in diameter. Operators will experience leading-edge performance thanks to design innovations incorporated into the Terex G-Series mulcher attachment, including the latest power drive systems and cutting tooth technologies.

“The Terex G-Series is designed to offer the power, versatility and productivity that vegetation management operators want in a mulcher attachment,” says Jamie Wright, Terex product manager. “Operators using this Terex mulcher will be able to easily cut down large standing trees, up to 8 inches in diameter, shave off large material and mulch in both forward and reverse. The G-Series is designed with performance-enhancing features like the powerful drum-style mulcher that utilizes 36 double twin carbide teeth, allowing operators to quickly and efficiently clear and mulch a 61-in wide path. The drum-style mulcher also gives operators the ability to plane stumps up to 12-in diameter to ground level.

“Operators will appreciate how well the Terex G-Series attachment processes material compared to other mulchers,” continues Wright. “For example, this versatile new attachment’s two-stage cutting chamber enables operators to produce the fine mulch with the low horsepower.”

The multi-stage action of the Terex G-Series mulcher attachment’s two-stage cutting chamber begins as the rotor picks up material and forces it to pass between the moving carbide teeth and the stationary counter teeth. The material is then processed into a fine mulch as it passes between the carbide teeth and the recutter bar before being discharged toward the ground. The staggered pattern and angles of the counter teeth promote an aggressive feeding action, while minimizing jamming that plagues competitive cutters. An optional primary stage shear bar is available for applications requiring extra fine mulch. “This unique set-up doubles the attachment’s cutting action,” says Wright, “offering operators highly efficient shearing action with less wrapping with viney material, and it produces small particle-size mulch.

The Terex G-Series also features a line of carbide-tipped, heat-treated steel teeth specifically engineered for this mulcher attachment. The standard carbide teeth are designed to withstand the full gamut of everyday operating conditions, from ground contact to tree top, giving operators the confidence to tackle any job. Optional planer carbide teeth are ideal for crews operating in loamy soils with less rock, while the optional hardened-steel quadco blade knives are designed to produce a finer chip, as well as allow operators to slice through tree and vegetation matter rather than shredding and tearing it.

Operators will experience a more effective use of power with the high-efficiency piston motor on the Terex G-Series, which converts the hydraulic output for the loader into more horsepower and less heat. This motor increases the efficiency of the hydraulic power to 97 percent, a dramatic increase over the mid-80 percent offered from gear-type motors. Two motor options are available on this attachment — a fixed displacement motor that provides constant RPMs that provide an optimal balance between speed and torque, or the V-drive variable displacement motor, which provides a variable rotor RPM range. The V-drive load-sensing motor controller automatically varies to a larger displacement as the load increases, delivering more torque when it is needed. Both motors offer 31-42 displacement GPM and a maximum PSI displacement of 6,000, giving operators power and torque when it is needed most.

Other notable features on the Terex G-Series attachment include its four-groove banded belt that provides added capacity to specifically match the power of the Terex PT-100G Forestry compact track loader, and the spring-loaded tensioner keeps belt tension in ideal working range. The hose routing retainer on this attachment allows for full rotation of the head that enables “claw hooks” to reposition trees and branches, and the adjustable push bar with welded “claw hooks” pushes falling brush and trees away from the power unit and pulls the material into position for proper feeding into the head. The custom hydraulic control valve incorporates a system high-pressure relief valve to protect the unit from pressure spikes and cavitations. The machined anti-wrap bearing protector protects the bearings from debris and wrapping.

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