Dana Corp. focuses on service, support as Eaton partnership winds down

The highly successful Dana-Eaton RoadRanger partnership was initially meant to be a 10-year deal, according to Steve Slesinski, director of global product planning for Dana Holding Corp.

But, the partnership proved to be so successful that it actually lasted for 14 years. Now, as the two companies begin to move away from the RoadRanger partnership, Slesinski says Dana is taking strong steps to ensure that its customers will see no degradation in fleet service or support moving forward.

Slesinski said Feb. 19 at the Technology and Maintenance Council’s Spring Meeting in Tampa, Fla., that the new Dana service and support model will draw upon vast field of expertise that company has amassed both before and during the RoadRanger partnership but will also use the very latest technology to make certain its customers receive best-in-class support going forward.

Key elements of the new service and support business will include the following:

* Direct customer access to dedicated driveline support in terms of applications and engineering support;

* Expanded warranty coverage and support;

* Experienced and professional field-based technical support;

* Localized inventory to expedite the repair process and return vehicles to service as quickly as possible;

* Leading web research and support tools iincluding 24/7 customer support, and;

* A commitment to the Dana-fleet relationship with an eye toward staying ahead of emerging industry trends.

Slesinski says Dana has already begun transitioning to its own service and support network, but stresses that process will remain invisible to RoadRanger customers who will see no change in the level of support they currently receive. The actual transition to a Dana-only network will occur on July 1, 2012. But even then, Slesinski says the only difference most RoadRanger customers will notice is a change in phone number. “The RoadRanger partnership will continue through the end of June,” he says. “And it is important to stress that both Dana and Eaton are absolutely committed to making sure this is a smooth transition process for our customers.”