Product Spotlight


Lightbu Untitled 11Quick Untitled 1Hard and fast

Made from a special, blended cement with carefully graded aggregates to provide a permanent patch, Quikrete Rapid Road Repair-Extended is a fast-setting repair material specifically designed for use on bridge decks, concrete highways and other industrial structures. It also contains alkali-resistant (AR) glass fibers for improved performance, essential for applications involving severe vibration such as bridge deck repairs. Because the mix is pre-extended with stone, no jobsite measuring of course aggregate is required.

Truck Patch Untitled 1Lightbu Untitled 1Truck Patch Power

PB Patchers truck-mounted pothole patchers from PBLoader feature an extremely durable, long-lasting Kevlar belt to move asphalt out of an insulated container for continuous operation. A standard, thermostatically-controlled LPG-fueled radiant heating system keeps asphalt hot all day. PB Patchers are custom manufactured to meet specific patching requirements and can be equipped with either hydraulic or air-tool circuits plus a variety of options, accessories and tools.

Bulk Untitled 1Lightbu Untitled 13Bulk or Bag Pothole Repair

Forget seasonal, QPR (Quality Pavement Repair) “fast and easy pothole repair” is North America´s leading pavement repair material, says the company. It’s environmentally sound and DOT-approved. “Our product is used year round by the nation’s largest utilities and public works departments, as well as state and provincial highway departments,” says QPR. QPR is available in bulk or bag form from coast to coast, in easy-to-use bags at all Lowe’s stores throughout North America, and in bulk from distributors from coast to coast.

Lightbu Untitled 15De Snow Untitled 1De-snow with treated salt

Using Thawrox treated salt instead of untreated salt can reduce applications by 20 to 30 percent, says its manufacturer. Combining the performance of liquid de-icing technology with rock salt, Thawrox was awarded the “Design for the Environment” label by the EPA. It leads to a significant reduction of chlorides entering the environment, and its nonstaining coolant will not impact roads, waterways or vegetation. There is less bounce and scatter, and less binding and clumping in the spreader, says Thawrox. It “eliminates the need to install pre-wet equipment and provides better coverage than pre-wetting techniques,” says Thawrox, and it “reduces or eliminates the need for sand and sand clean-up.” What’s more, says the company, it’s quicker and more effective than untreated salt and “reduces corrosion by 50 percent.”

Apply Chains Untitled 1Lightbu Untitled 16Apply Chains from the Cab

Don’t stop and get out in the cold and snow when you need to – or by law have to – use chains. Onspot chains allow the operator to engage and disengage tire chains by a dashboard switch to enhance traction in snow and on ice in forward or reverse. Onspot chains are now available from more than 200 OEMs as a factory-installed option and from more than 1,400 dealers throughout North America, says the company. They’re also available from International Truck, Daimler Truck and Paccar on their ship-direct programs.

Versatile Untitled 1Lightbu Untitled 17Versatile, Powerful Tack Coat

Versatility is a standout feature of Transpo’s Bondade, a tack coat for potholes that is effective for use on hot- and cold-patch repairs, damp or dry holes, pavement overlays, cold joints and emergency repairs. Repairs using Bondade will last up to 85-percent longer than conventional methods, says the company. Simply apply the Bondade solution as a bonding agent (even under wet conditions), and continue with your repair with cold patch as you would with a tack coat. It doesn’t require a special container or equipment for its use or disposal.