A Firefighter Fire-Starter


A 43-year-old British firefighter is starting a fire instead of fighting it.

In an attempted insurance scam that involved burning his BMW, Anthony Murray pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit arson as well as two fraud charges that involve two separate insurance companies, Business Insurance (BI) magazine reports.

Murray faces jail time.

Murray also pleaded guilty to attempting to pervert the course of justice by writing letters that were meant to suggest that someone else was responsible for setting his BMW on fire, according to the BI report.

But the icing on the cake – or in this case, I guess the fuel to the fire – is that the firefighter lit his car up behind the fire station where we worked.

The attempted scam played out between September and November 2012, reports said, with the arson taking place while Murray was working on a Skelmersdale, England, fire engine, which was responding to a hoax call.

Gareth Collier, 33, has also pleaded guilty to making the hoax call and starting the fire, which damaged two other cars in the parking lot, reports said. Both men are scheduled to be sentenced on November 25, according to the BI report.

My question is why would anyone light a BMW on fire? I drive a super awesome — insert sarcasm here — minivan so I’d probably be waxing and washing a BMW everyday if I had one.