TxDOT delays gravel road plan

(Photo: kln2119 / Flickr)(Photo: kln2119 / Flickr)

The Texas Department of Transportation has put on hold a plan to convert some rural asphalt roads to gravel, according to a report from The San Antonio Express-News.

Senator Carlos Uresti (D-Texas) said Tuesday that TxDOT officials decided on a 60-day delay in some of the planned conversions after state lawmakers raised concerns about the plan.

The agency had planned to convert about 83 miles of paved roads to gravel. The roads that would be affected had been damaged by heavy equipment used for drilling.

TxDOT officials approved the plan in July. It was intended to repair the roads in a cost-effective way, since the state has limited transportation funds and cannot afford to repair the roads with more asphalt, TxDOT Deputy Transportation Director John Barton told The San Antonio Express-News.

Uresti said TxDOT will now review individual requests from counties to reconsider the plan and will not convert any roads during the 60-day period.

Texas lawmakers are continuing to meet about the plan this week.