Diesel fuel prices rise $0.004 per gallon


On-highway diesel fuel prices rose in more than half of the regions the U.S. this week, according to our sister site, Aggregates Manager.

The climbing costs follow a week of falling diesel prices.

The greatest increase this week occurred in the West Coast less California region, which experienced a $0.019-per-gallon jump from last week’s prices. However, diesel costs in the region are still lower than a year ago, with a $0.032-per-gallon year-over-year decline.

The greatest decrease this week occurred in the Rocky Mountain region, which experienced a $0.010-per-gallon fall from last week’s prices and a $0.142-per-gallon year-over-year drop.

Overall, national prices also rose. Diesel fuel costs are $0.004 per gallon higher than a week ago but $0.126 per gallon lower than a year ago.

For more information, including a chart displaying weekly and yearly changes per region, check out the full diesel fuel price report at AggMan.com.