Doosan launches fuel-efficient articulated dump trucks

DA40-5 on the left, DA30-5 on the rightDA40-5 on the left, DA30-5 on the right

With the 365-net-horsepower DA30-5 and 490-net-horsepower DA40-5, Doosan’s two new articulated dump trucks launched this year feature fuel-efficient Scania DC9 and DC13 engines, respectively. The 51,588-pound DA30-5 has a 61,729-pound payload rating with a 23.3-cubic-yard heaped capacity, 9-foot, 10-inch loading height and a maximum speed of 36 mph. The 71,107-pound DA40-5 has a payload rating of 88,185 pounds, a 34-cubic-yard heaped capacity, a 10-foot, 8-inch loading height and maximum speed of 33 mph.

Configured with a high-pressure common-rail fuel delivery system, cooled exhaust gas recirculation, selective catalyst reduction and a diesel oxidation catalyst, the 28- and 40-metric-ton weight class trucks use diesel exhaust fluid injected into the exhaust system to transform NOx into water and nitrogen. The trucks have a new mass airflow sensor and exhaust brake that work together to reduce emissions. The mass airflow sensor improves airflow management and optimizes fuel delivery, while the exhaust brake maintains consistency in engine temperatures at lower engine speeds, reducing harmful emission levels.

Fuel efficiency testing for the trucks has been recorded at an average of just 4.49 gallons per hour for the DA40-5, and 3.96 gallons per hour for the DA30-5. The DA40-5 also has a new bolt-on rear differential, and improved gear ratios that deliver reduced axle speed, longer component life and lower fuel consumption. Vibration has also been reduced. 

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