Field-testing underway on Walz Scale’s Volume Load Scanner


Field-testing is underway on Walz Scale’s WLS Volume Load Scanner at multiple locations. These field tests are designed to prove the accuracy and reliability of the Walz Load Scanner for managing material volumes excavated and moved by truck. Initial reports indicate that the system provides very accurate reporting of actual carried volumes per truckload with increasingly accurate stockpile inventory tracking.

These field tests will track material loads for earth and crushed stone and are expected to prove the exceptional benefits of cost savings and overall improved accuracies of incorporating the Walz Load Scanner to earth moving projects versus a standard truck scale or manned survey.

Walz WLS Dynamic In-Motion Volumetric Load Scanner


The Walz Load Scanner uses lasers to scan vehicles in-motion delivering accurate carried volumes and high definition 3D imagery. Typically the system also incorporates RFID technology (RFID Reader and RFID Tags) to automated the scanning process and eliminate the need to man the system. This provides operations with a trouble free and man free system for accurately managing each and every truckload of material.                                                     

Payload Pro Management Software


All Walz Load Scanners systems operate with the Payload Pro Operating System allowing for operations to run the system from a variety of platforms from tablet devices and touch screen kiosks, to standard laptops. This reporting software provides managers with real time data and tools to better manage their operation and make improved decisions to improve overall productivity and throughput. Critical data like real time stockpile inventories, material and truck load data, even cycle time data is tracked and reported through this software. Optionally data can be stored and accessed remotely from our web based cloud system delivering access to managers from any location with an Internet connection on their smart phones or tablets.