Asphalt crew scamming elderly out of thousands


Law enforcement in Nebraska are warning residents of an asphalt crew that has already profited thousands from scamming elderly folks.

According to reports, the crew quotes their customers a low price for brand new driveways. The crew then does a horrible job, but ends up charging customers much more than originally quoted.

Norm Anderson, 68, was originally quoted just $900 for a new driveway. When all was said and done, the asphalt crew demanded $12,500. When he became suspicious of the crew, he rushed to stop a $6,000 payment to the company.

Anderson’s 84-year-old neighbor was also scammed by the company.

A third victim, who was 70-years-old,  was told the company would build a driveway for $3,200. When the work was completed, the crew demanded $5,400.

According to Lancaster County Sheriff Terry Wagner, the work is so bad, the elderly man asked them to tear it up, but eventually paid $5,200.

“Residents need to be aware of these asphalt scammers,” Wagner said. “Bottom line here is if the bid sounds to be good to be true it probably is. Don’t pay the bill before services are rendered and if you dont know people, get references or do business with a local company instead of people from out of state.”

Wagner said his deputies are currently searching for the scammers who were believed to be driving a silver GMC Sierra pickup with Oklahoma license plates.

As for Anderson, he and his wife are scared that crew members will show up at their doorstep to collect their money.

“We’re definitely scared,” Anderson said.