Wirtgen’s ‘S-Pack’ spreader module

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Wirtgen has announced “S-Pack” (spreader pack) which allows binding agent to be spread without generating clouds of dust. The product creates new opportunities for optimizing the range of applications and cost-efficiency.

“S-Pack” works with the WR 240/WR 240i/WR 250 models from Wirtgen.

A WR with “S-Pack” will spread the binding agent directly in front of the milling and mixing rotor which immediately mixes it into the soil. The closed drum housing and an additional double curtain of rubber matting prevents the formation of dust clouds and ensures that the material is exclusively spread inside the milled cut.

With the  integrated spreader module, binding agent can be spread regardless of wind and weather and without drifting or displacement due to vehicles driving ahead or passing by. Materials such as cement or lime will be spread safely and precisely and processed without emissions.

Using the “S-Pack” optimizes spreading in Wirgen’s WR models in several ways.  Metering cells ensure that the binding agent is applied in precisely metered volumetric quantities. A two-part transverse auger is continuously supplied with binding agent by a conveyor unit and ensures that the material is uniformly applied.

The level in the binding agent tank is monitored at various points by extremely sensitive sensors and precisely indicated on the control display at all times. The spreading quantity is simultaneously calibrated via the display when the bulk density of the binding agent is entered.

In addition, ten exhaust air filters with automatic self-cleaning function not only ensure effective purification of the exhaust air through the high air flow rate, but also allow the binding agent tank to be filled completely in less than five minutes thanks to the readily accessible filler port.

With the machine operator in control of the mixing process at all times, he or she can adapt the metered quantity to the current situation. Operation of the integrated spreading system is easy to use via the control display in the driver’s cabin.