Highway construction causes problems for firefighters

FiremensatworkHighway construction typically poses an inconvenience for everyone who has to drive through it. It can cause traffic jams and detours which makes it difficult for anyone working on a tight schedule. For firefighters, highway construction can be much more than an inconvenience – it can cause an emergency situation.

When an 18-wheeler carrying 12-hundred cases of wine caught on fire in a construction zone in North Fort Worth, Texas, firefighters struggled to find water. The closest fire hydrant was 500 yards from the fire.

“We did sent additional units because of the restricted access to water along the service road,” explains Tim Hardeman with the Fort Worth Fire Department. “All of our trucks carry some amount of water either 500 or 750 gallons of water an incident like that we are going to use a lot more water.”

Luckily firefighters were still able to do their job and put out the fire before anybody got hurt.

This story should remind commuters that they are not alone when it comes to dealing with highway construction. Although it may be an inconvenience for most, it can become a life and death situation for others.

Like most people, firefighters understand the importance of good roads and bridges.