FDOT removing campaign signs

535a608aea8ea.preview-699The Florida Department of Transportation is starting to confiscate any campaign signs it finds illegally sitting on right-of-ways, or areas between the street and the sidewalk.

FDOT will not destroy the signs, but they will be removed and taken to one of its operation centers.

“Sometimes if they signs are large they become a sight-line issues and that’s a safety issue,” DOT Spokesperson Ian Satter said. “And most importantly, people going out on the roads and putting the signs down. That can be a safety issue. So we want to make sure people are staying away from those lanes of traffic and staying off the right-of-way for their own safety.”

Campaigners are allowed to pick of their signs from the DOT and place them in appropriate areas. If campaigners continue to post signs in illegal areas, they could be ticketed.

Signage is very important to transportation safety and is something the DOT takes very seriously. Signs posted illegally could distract drivers and cause an accident.