Red light cameras: Not about safety just making money

Shutterstock 68770210I received my first red light ticket in the mail last week. Like many people who receive the tickets, it’s a complete surprise. They are unaware they have been given a ticket.

I viewed the photos and the online video (which I tried to download so I could share it, but alas, I wasn’t able to do so because it has a specific sign-in and password) and saw that I stopped at the red light and then turned, just like everyone else. I didn’t see a “No Turn on Red” sign, but I’m sure there was some technicality.

The hoops I’d have to go through doesn’t make it worth my time to fight. But if the five or six other cars I viewed in the video — who stopped and then turned right on red just like me — were given tickets, that’s $600 in just a few seconds.

Kaching! Think about that revenue.

Now let me say this straight out. I’m ALL for safety. Let’s get the drunks off the roads. Let’s pull over and ticket the people who carelessly run red lights at 50 mph and speed through school zones. And if we are going to give red light tickets, then let’s use the footage for some good, too. Why can’t it be used to help with criminal activities?

If we are going to have the cameras, let’s make them about more than making money and catching REAL offenders.

If I’m completely off base with my thinking, let me know. I’d love to hear your opinion. Do you think red light cameras are just about the money?

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