Louisiana awarded $250k grant for bridge work

Louisiana-DOT-logoSenator David Vitter announced $250,000 will be awarded to the Louisiana Department of Transportation for bridge work in Vermilion Parish. The grant will be used to improve the Maree Michael and Creek Bridges on LA 91.

“It’s important to improve our nation’s roads and bridges and help provide traffic relief so we can carry out on daily routine, like picking up the kids from practice,” Vitter said. “Our nation’s infrastructure needs attention and updates. And as the top ranking Republican on the Senate committee which passed a new highway bill out of committee in May, I’m working to pass a bill that invests in Louisiana’s rundown roads and bridges and makes traffic relief is a top priority.”

The grant will give Louisiana DOT funds to maintain, construct and repair bridges and highway systems across the state.

Highways and bridges in Vermilion Parish have needed work for quite some time. Over a year ago Better Roads reported how Daily rains, high tides and south winds of hurricane caliber have taken its toll on the area. Safe ways of transportation are extremely important in the area, especially after the Louisiana DOT terminated LA Swift operations.