ARTBA launches campaign revealing ‘shocking truth’ about transportation infrastructure investment features ARTBA’s latest campaign, which rolls out a new infographic each day to reveal a “shocking truth” about transportation features ARTBA’s latest campaign, which rolls out a new infographic each day to reveal a “shocking truth” about transportation infrastructure.

The American Road and Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) on Tuesday launched a new website and social media campaign that aims to reveal the “shocking truth” about transportation infrastructure investment.

The campaign is part of ARTBA’s “Transportation Makes America Work!” (TMAW) advocacy program and is featured on It uses infographics to show how transportation infrastructure impacts health and safety, children, family budgets, quality of life and the economy.

The two-week campaign features daily infographics that will be introduced as a “shocking truth” June 17-20 and June 24-28. (See the first infographic below.)

ARTBA President and CEO Pete Ruane said the campaign aims to provide information in a way that shows — rather than just telling — people why transportation is important.

media campaign that shows “the shocking truth” about transportation infrastructure investment.

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“People’s eyes glaze over when you talk about trillion dollar capital needs, ‘X percent’ of roads, bridges and transit systems that need repair, and multi-billion dollar government programs,” Ruane said in a prepared statement. “What we are doing is taking that data, disaggregating it, and creating mind images that people can relate to. We’re presenting facts in ways that families can talk about transportation issues around the dinner table—so they can understand where their gas tax dollars are going and why.”

Ruane added that ARTBA is focusing on sending the message to federal lawmakers. The campaign is geared at arming members of Congress with information that is intended to help them gain support for long-term transportation infrastructure investment.

“This is information every member of Congress needs to know and be able to articulate to constituents,” Ruane said. “Making sometimes hard decisions on federal investment in transportation infrastructure to secure and support the nation has been in the congressional job description since the first session of Congress in 1789. 2014 is a year they need to step-up to the plate and do what they all know is the right thing for their state and the nation—fix the Highway Trust Fund. We’re trying to help them.”

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In addition to the daily infographics, the TMAW website includes items such as information about what the founding fathers said about investing in transportation, as well as graphic maps showing what will happen to personal mobility, economic stability and the environment if there is no action on the looming insolvency of the Highway Trust Fund.

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