New Road Products


better-roadsUntitled-1Special ConExpo-Con/Agg coverage. Please see for additional products and press event coverage.


Wirtgen-W250Untitled-1Wirtgen W 250i cold milling machine

ConExpo-Con/Agg Booth 51021 in Central Hall

Wirtgen is debuting its W 250i cold-milling machine at ConExpo-Con/Agg. The company’s largest cold-milling machine, the W 250i has an extra-large milling drum; a working width of 12 feet, 6 inches; a camera system; a Vacuum Cutter System (VCS); a dual-engine concept; and three milling drum speed options.


komatsu-intelligentUntitled-1Komatsu intelligent Machine Control dozers

ConExpo-Con/Agg Booth 10016 in North Hall

Komatsu America is showcasing its four intelligent Machine Control (iMC) dozers at ConExpo-Con/Agg. The dozers are designed to seamlessly transition from rough dozing to finish grading, and they feature an integrated sensor package.


leading-edge-attachUntitled-1Leading Edge Attachments buckets

ConExpo-Con/Agg Booth 31040 in Central Hall

Leading Edge Attachments (LEA) is featuring six attachments – five buckets and one stump removal tool – at ConExpo-Con/Agg. The company is displaying its High-Cap, Multi-Ripper Bucket that acts as a trencher; Multi-DigNRip Bucket for high-production rip and load applications; new Stag Bucket with “Staggered Tooth” technology; V-Raptor Bucket ripper/bucket combination for excavators and backhoes; Stumpiranha stump removal tool; and Multi-Ripper Talon Bucket narrow bucket with a center rib that can be eliminated.


Hyndai-R55Untitled-1Hyundai R55-9A and R55W-9A mini excavators

New to Hyundai’s 9A series, the R55-9A and R55W-9A mini excavators feature improvements from previous models, including a certified Tier 4 Final engine upgrade, improved hydraulics, increased operator comfort and added durability. The R55-9A track model and R55W-9A wheeled model have operating weights of 12,460 pounds and 12,240 pounds, respectively.


saw-seal-machineUntitled-1Saw Seal Machine

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Saw Seal’s new Saw Seal Machine cleans and seals multiple joints simultaneously in new concrete pavement. Features include a blade-only contact method that controls cracking as the concrete cures, a HEPA filtration vacuum system that collects dust and silica, a 55-gallon drum that stores dust and silica, a compressed air nozzle that cleans and dries the joint and a Crafco EZ Series II 1500 melter that applies sealant in the finals stage.


genie-telematicsUntitled-1Genie telematics-ready connector

The first of its kind, Genie’s telematics-ready connector features a “plug and play” option for Genie boom lifts. Available on Genie S-80 and Z-80 boom lifts, the factory-installed connector offers hour meter reporting, location, machine use and several security features. The connector will be available on S-100, S-120 and ZX-135 models by the end of the first quarter.



illumagear-haoUntitled-1Illumagear Halo Light Personal Active Safety System

ConExpo-Con/Agg Booth 65830 in South Hall

Illumagear’s Halo Light Personal Active Safety System, which the company is displaying at ConExpo-Con/Agg, attaches to a hard hat to illuminate 360 degrees of a worker’s task area. Designed to eliminate shadows, the light provides visibility up to 1/4 mile away and offers four light modes: Halo, Hi-Alert, Task and Dim. A tension spring-mounting system connects the system to most hard hats.


Henderson-brineUntitled-1Henderson BrineXtreme

Henderson Products has introduced the BrineXtreme, a mobile salt brine solution that produces professional grad salt brine on the go. Designed to provide a concentration that is accurate to 01001 SG, the unit is able to work in temperatures as low as -6 degrees F and can perform pre-storm applications. The unit has a production rate of up to 160 gallons per minute and a 5-cubic-yard capacity.


neal-manufacturingUntitled-1Neal Manufacturing ESSP 550T, 750T

Neal Manufacturing’s heavy-duty ESSP 550T and 750T trailer-mounted sealcoating machines have electric super sand pump (ESSP) systems that produce up to 100 gallons per minute and a water tank hand-wand holder that prevents the sealer from leaking. The 550T and 750T have capacities of up to 550 gallons and 750 gallons, respectively. Features include 75 feet of reinforced hose, a 6-foot hand wand, a six-nozzle spray bar, 2.5-gallon material fillers, Neal’s Generation III pump heads and more.