U.S. DOT offers free web-based intelligent transportation resource

DOTThe U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) is offering a free online resource for transportation professionals and students who want to learn more about intelligent transportation systems (ITS).

The web-based textbook, the ITS ePrimer, uses in-depth modules, which include interactive content such as videos and web links, to explain how ITS is integrated into the planning, design, deployment, and operations of surface transportation systems.

Topics include:

  • Systems Engineering

  • Transportation Management Systems

  • Traffic Operations

  • Personal Transportation

  • Freight, Intermodal and Commercial Vehicle Operations

  • Public Transportation

  • Electronic Toll Collection and Pricing

  • Supporing ITS Technologies

  • Rural and Regional ITS Applications

  • Sustainable Transportation

  • Institutional Issues

  • Connected Vehicles

  • Emerging Issues

To learn more, or to download resource materials, visit pcb.its.dot.gov/ePrimer.aspx.