Mississippi Lt. Gov. Reeves rejects statewide gas tax hike, supports bond bill

(Photo: Joseph / Flickr)(Photo: Joseph / Flickr)

Missisppi Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves said Monday at the Stennis Capitol Press Corps luncheon in Jackson that he won’t support raising the state’s gas tax but would support a bond bill that is less than $200 million, ClarionLedger.com reports.

Reeves told luncheon attendees that maintenance of transportation infrastructure in necessary for public safety and economic development.

However, Reeves said road and bridge maintenance should be funded by the Mississippi Department of Transportation’s general fund appropriation. He added that nearly 75 percent of the $900 appropriation was not used for infrastructure repairs.

Mississipi’s gas tax is 18 cents per gallon, and Reeves said raising that tax is not the best solution to maintaining and repairing roads.

Reeves said he is also willing to support a bond bill as another option, as long as the bill is less than $200 million — the same amount as the previous bill.