Rockmore Announces the ROK 875 The Newest Addition to the High-Performance ROK Series DTH Product Line

ROK-875-PRESS-RELEASE-GRAPHRockmore International, a global manufacturer of rock drilling tools, has just announced the latest addition to their ROK Series DTH Hammer product line – the ROK 875. This new patented 203mm (8 in) diameter class hammer will be officially released at Bauma 2010 in Munich, Germany, on April 19.

Designed to increase drilling efficiency in mining, blast hole, construction, and quarry applications, the ROK 875 features an innovative new design which reduces the number of hammer components. The integrated top sub, for instance, combines multiple internal parts into one component. That reduces the amount of component wear points, reduces cost, and simplifies service.

The patented, streamlined design also takes full advantage of Rockmore’s unique SonicFlow technology, which optimizes airflow by simplifying the air path. “Our R & D staff found that every time the airflow changes direction, energy is lost through turbulence,” noted Pejman Eghdami, Executive Vice President of Rockmore International. “With fewer obstructions, more energy is delivered to the piston while minimizing back-flow interference. We’ve also added smooth radius ports in the airflow chambers, which minimize energy losses even further. That means faster penetration rates and greater overall efficiency.”

As with all Rockmore products, the ROK 875 has been built to withstand the toughest rock drilling conditions. The solid piston design is made from an advanced material that is case hardened, combining high strength with supreme wear resistance. The high frequency, reciprocating piston is designed to strike the bit with maximum force. The hammer also features a heavy duty wear sleeve and back reaming buttons for increased drill life.

The ROK 875 is a 203mm (8 in) diameter class hammer which accepts industry standard drill bits with 16 spline Ingersoll Rand QL8 / QL80 shanks. Recommended bit sizes range from 215 to 254mm (8.5 to 10.0 in). This new hammer is rated for use with large compressors and air packages, 24.1 Bar (350 PSI) at 39.7 m3/min (1440 SCFM).

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