Franmar Chemical, Inc. Better Than Diesel and Legal, Too

AC_All_clippathThe word is out in industry circles about Bean-e-doo® Asphalt Cleaner, a powerful cleaner of modified asphalts, polymers, top coating, sealers, dressings, and tac-coatings from tools and machinery.  With diesel fuel prohibited as a cleaner, Franmar Chemical used its expertise in developing biobased replacements to make a product that works as well as diesel yet is legal, too!

Industry leaders are applauding the earth-friendly features of Bean-e-doo® Asphalt Cleaner with a flash point over 400, no harsh or unpleasant odors, VOC’s of less then 3%, and no ozone depleting chemicals. 

A free heavy duty 3-gallon pump sprayer accompanies purchases of 5 gallons or more.  This chemical resistant, easy to pump sprayer makes application of Bean-e-doo® Asphalt Cleaner a snap.