T-78 Polymer Crack Sealer


New Rochelle, NY- Transpo Industries, Inc. announces two new products: the T-28 Color-Safe Surface(tm) and T-78 Polymer Crack Sealer.

T-28 is an acrylic-based resin system used for pavement area markings and anti-skid surfacing. It is typically used for demarcation of bicycle/pedestrian paths, bus stops/lanes and other specially designated areas. T-28 Color-Safe Surface(tm) enhances skid-resistance and its color warns travelers of hazardous turns and other high accident areas on asphalt and concrete roadways.

T-78 is a low viscosity, methyl methacrylate resin system that is highly effective for sealing and filling cracks in concrete. It bonds well to the inner walls of cracks, restoring strength and preventing crack propagation. T-78 Polymer Crack Sealer is capable of rapid cure in a wide range of temperatures. The application process requires minimal labor costs, reducing the need for specialized equipment. Its fast cure time (under one hour) assures a quick return to service.

Transpo Industries is ISO 9001:2000 certified. For more information, please visit: http://www.transpo.com/press.htm