BOMAG’s New BM 1200/35 Cold Planer Made for Country or City Milling

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BOMAG BM 1200/35 cold planer dumping asphalt millings into back of dump truck
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BOMAG has launched the next generation of its BM 1200/35-2 compact cold planer for milling county roads, city streets and roundabouts.

It has a max milling width of 47.2 inches and weighs 47,179 pounds. It runs on a 349-horsepower MTU (Mercedes) engine. (Check out a video of the cold planer in action at the end of this article.)

One of its main new features is an enhanced swiveling mechanism that allows the operator selective milling of road and ground. It can cut down to a depth of 13 inches, and it can mill right up to curbs or walls with its lateral arrangement, the company says. “The rear righthand track drive can be automatically swiveled to a position in front of the milling drum for this purpose.” The conveyor can also be swiveled 45 degrees to either side, and its height can be adjusted. It can also be hydraulically folded for transporting.

BOMAG reduces vibrations on the operator with the noise-insulated, fully enclosed engine compartment, a vibration-insulated platform and added cushioning on the platform’s standing areas. Waste air and exhaust fumes are vented away from the operator.

Seats can be adjusted, and they swivel 45 degrees in either direction to improve operator visibility. The cold planer was also designed for further operator visibility around the machine with its slim, contoured design, as well as improved forward view to the cutting edge, milling track and front danger zone around the conveyor.

With its standard milling drum, it can remove whole road surfaces, as well as remove asphalt patches, create duct trenches and perform road repairs. Fine-milling drums are available for increasing skid resistance on smooth roads, removing light ruts and uneven areas, preparing sites for thin pavement layers and removing road markings, the company says. Power drums are used for more efficient planing of hard materials and complete removal of asphalt pavements.

Operator controls are designed to be easy to understand. BOMAG’s optional Easy Level displays grade and slope settings on a 7-inch screen. Mill settings can also be changed quickly with minimal navigation and few submenus, the company says.

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Standard features include automatic water saving device, ergonomic adjustable steering wheel and column, height-adjustable armrest with integrated ergonomic operation panel, storage at ground level, three-way water pump, variable placeable work lights, rotary beacon, mirror, back-up alarm and vandalism protection.

Options include a variety of milling drums; weather protection roof; high-pressure cleaner; dust-reduction system; Ion Dust Shield, which reduces fine particulate matter by 80%; Auxiliary Drum Drive for easier tool exchange; road lights; ballast weights; seat heating; quick-exchange drum-system; camera; and BOMAG Telematic.

To watch a video of the BM 1200/35-2 in action, as well as other BOMAG machines in the paving train, check out the video below: