Hamm Intros 3 New Automation Tools for its Compactors

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Updated Mar 27, 2023
interior view of dash display Hamm Smart compact in asphalt compactor
Hamm's Smart Compact automates the separate setting of the individual drums.

Hamm has rolled out new Smart Compact technology, a free app and a collision-prevention system to help operators of its asphalt and soil compactors.

Smart Compact

Hamm calls Smart Compact its “intelligent compaction assistant” and is being launched with its new line of HX series of tandem asphalt rollers with pivot steer.

The system is designed to help operators choose the correct compaction settings. Operators input the type of compaction they will perform, either a base, binder or asphalt surface course. Smart Compact then automatically determines the best compaction settings for each drum – be it vibrating, oscillating or static. The system evaluates the asphalt’s temperature and rigidity. There’s even an option to integrate local weather reports into its evaluations, Hamm says.

“This makes Hamm the first manufacturer in the world to automate the separate setting of the individual drums, increase process reliability and raise the quality of the compaction to a whole new level,” the company says.

The system also automatically switches to Eco mode to reduce fuel consumption when dynamic compaction is no longer needed, such as when the asphalt temperature drops too low. Eco mode reduces engine speed by 20% and can lead to a 15% reduction in fuel burn.

Smart Compact’s information is shown on a dedicated display on the roller’s dashboard that turns with the seat.

Free Smart Doc app

interior view of compactor with Hamm Smart Doc app displayed on windshieldHamm's Smart Doc is a free app to help operators on asphalt and soil compactors keep track of their passes.HammHamm says its free Smart Doc app can be a useful tool in training new operators. The Android-based app documents the roller’s passes for soil and asphalt compaction, and it can be used with other brands’ compactors.

It displays a compaction map that shows what has been compacted and what is left to compact. Compaction reports can be generated at any time. Hamm says the app reduces double passes by 30%.

Hamm also offers a Smart Receiver to work with the app for sharing compaction results with third parties.

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The app can be downloaded at the Google Play Store on all Android smartphones and tablets from Android 6.0 and is available in German, English, Spanish and French.

Collision prevention system

The third piece of Hamm’s new intelligent compaction technology focuses on preventing accidents on the paving job.

The company offers a proximity detection system that detects people and obstacles in front and back of the roller to prevent accidents. The system will automatically stop the roller before collision can occur.

The interface system can be integrated on Hamm HD+, HX, HP and HC series rollers.