New products designed to ease ELD mandate compliance

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Updated Aug 27, 2018

To get ready for the December 18 federal electronics logging device mandate, companies have been releasing new software and ELDs to help the construction industry comply.

Here is a sampling of some of those new products:


Coretex Eld News

Coretex’s ELD solution is compatible with all vehicle types, uses the company’s existing range of TMU in-vehicle hardware and is integrated into both Coretex 360 and Coretex DRIVE, the company says. It includes support for all U.S. and Canadian driver rule-sets; for team, exempt and short-haul drivers; and for permanent and temporary vehicle installations. ELD capability is included as an integrated feature within Coretex’s In-cab and Compliance packages.


DPL Telematics

Dpl Mobile Log Landscape

DPL Telematics’ ELD uses your smartphone or tablet to comply with the ELD mandate, with prices starting at $20 a month. Features include a plug and play design for quick installation, a perpetual warranty covering the hardware as long as you are a customer, compatibility with both Android and Apple, and a messaging interface for driver communication. Additional features include IFTA reporting, diagnostics and idle-time tracking.



Drive Eld

DriveELD costs $99 a year per truck and requires no long-term commitment, the company says. Setup takes a few minutes, and it syncs via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, according to the company. The DriveELD app is available free on iOS and Android devices. The device records real-time information and stores data through cloud-based storage. The company says it also interfaces with mobile devices without interfering with cellular connectivity.




DSi’s AX9 requires no wire splicing or fasteners. The AX9 pinpoints the vehicle’s location using GPS satellites. In addition to tracking location, velocity and stop duration, the AX9 collects engine data and can provide fuel usage calculations, ignition status, idle duration and mileage reports. All the gathered data are accessible by fleet managers and dispatchers on DSiMobile. Other features include OBDII & J1939 data collection, Flexible Ping Plans and GSM/GPRS 3G -850MHz/1900MHz.




HCSS eLogs electronically tracks a driver’s hours of service and automates driving events based on vehicle movements. The product includes a driver app for smartphones or tablets and a website where managers can review driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs), driver status, shift and cycle time, previous violations, and daily driver logs and comments. Other features include free integration with HCSS Telematics, Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, availability on any Android device and status change based on vehicle motion and gear.

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Hos247 Eld

HOS247 ELD offers optional features such as GPS tracking and IFTA reporting. The logging device can be used with any Android (4.4 and up) internet-connected smartphone or tablet. The company also offers a Dedicated ELD, all-in-one solution option. Installation of the device takes less than a minute, the company says. When the ELD is plugged into a vehicle’s ECM port, it starts recording driving hours, miles and other data automatically. The logbook app connects to the ELD via Bluetooth and displays recorded driving time to a driver.


J.J. Keller

Jj Keller Tab4 Monitor Eld 2 5 Cmyk

J.J. Keller eLogs works with all vehicle classes, can be used with drivers’ smart devices, and installs in 10 minutes, the company says. Its Encompass cloud-based fleet management system automatically audits drivers’ logs against available hours-of-service rule-sets and gives a real-time view of fleet information. The J.J. Keller Driver DataSense service collects and processes incoming hours-of-service driver data.




Konexial About Cel

Konexial’s has launched MY20 ELD for owner-operators and MY20 Tower for fleets with apps available for Android and iOS. MY20 includes ELD, map integration, real-time fuel information and driver status buttons, among other features. Both products are powered by GoLoad, a service that connects drivers to shippers. The service also identifies the waste of traveling with no cargo loaded.


Pedigree Technologies

Pedigree Veodock Front Tilt Screen02 Log

Pedigree Technologies’ Cab-Mate One can be installed in 5 minutes, the company says. It is built on the OneView platform. The Android-ready ELD Chrome offers FMCSA compliance with options for such management tools as trailer, equipment and asset tracking and tire-pressure, tank-level and temperature monitoring. The product was developed with CalAmp and is designed to enable consistent real-time visibility. Monthly fees start at $22. The Cab-Mate One starts at $399 each when purchasing 100 or more units, and no purchase price with lease.



Quartix Electronic Logging Graph

Available on the Google Playstore and compatible with Android tablet devices, Quartix’s electronic logging solution uses simple menu screens and input fields that allow drivers to log and change their duty status with minimal effort, the company says. Prices start at $14.99. The company’s products provide management reports extending from real-time GPS tracking to IFTA filing figures.


Simple Truck ELD 

Simple Truck Eld Overdrive Image

Simple Truck ELD’s system captures such data as geolocation, date, time, miles driven, duration of engine operation, and whether the vehicle is moving. Its features include 24/7 support, IFTA Report available online, and real-time violation rule integration through the app and fleet management. Drivers will be able to show their phone or tablet to safety officials to prove compliance, or they can print reports from, the company says.



Spireon Mobile Fleet Ui 1 Fleet Locate Compliance Connect App

The new Spireon FleetLocate Compliance manages any combination of drivers, vehicles and assets, the company says. Its “bring your own device” technology lets you negotiate discounts through your preferred network carrier or communications provider. FleetLocate Compliance is driven by LTE telematics gateway, the FL1. It offers flexible installation options and comes with a purpose-built vehicle interface that accommodates both light- and heavy-duty vehicles.